Pushing the envelope
No project is too small for an innovative, out of the box approach.
High quality work
Every design I deliver is of the highest quality work, no exceptions.
Delivering for clients
We will work together to identify your business needs, and I will deliver creative assets that meet them.
Always staying curious
I am always looking for new inspiration to bring to my designs, online and offline.

Bringing high quality design work to small-medium sized businesses that can’t afford it

Providing a 1:1 relationship, clients only work with Oli which limits back and forth of agency work

9 years of design experience means AltunaDesign brings knowledge of design that not only looks great, but has been proven to work

Small-medium sized business

Client looking for multiple creative assets, longevity of business relationship with recurring design work

Client offering creative freedom for designer, willing to be innovative with design decisions and try new things

Heard: I understand your business needs and I want to help meet them

Creative: pushing clients to think creatively about their brand vision

Excited: whether creating a new look or refreshing an old logo, clients are excited about a new look for their business and excited about the future of their business

I deliver on what I say, when I say I will

I have the experience to backup my work – 9 years in the industry, working with a wide array of clients in many different industries. I’ve done it all (almost)

I deliver the high quality work clients want. Anything attached to my name has to be the highest quality work, or it doesn’t go out

I am all about relationships, in order to keep a brand consistent. I like to find work that is recurring so that I can ensure that the brand messaging is consistent across all assets, for everything that goes out

Agency work involves too much back and forth – they don’t have time for meetings all the time, they are busy working

Agency work is expensive, they can’t afford to pay for a high quality design agency

The digital world is crowded now – how do they stand out amongst the crowd? How do they make an impression that will last? How will they be remembered?

They need results. It’s not enough to just have a pretty website, they need to have a pretty website that works and works well to deliver results

A one-on-one relationship means no extra work for the client, and no confusion or back and forth

Agencies have overhead costs that AltunaDesign doesn’t, which keeps AltunaDesign’s rates competitive

AltunaDesign creates assets that people want to engage with and that they remember – it’s not just about creating a beautiful design, it’s about a design that sticks with people to keep your brand top of mind

AltunaDesign has worked with a wide breadth of clients in many different industries. I’ve seen it all. I know what works, I know how to design for different audiences, and I know how to convey messaging to get results



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